Chasing Fireflies, Taylor Dean - Review

After reading some of the other reviews people have written, I feel that my opinion on this book is not exactly common, however I promised I would give an honest review, so here it is.


The description and scene setting in this book was okay, but not spectacular. I could picture everything, but only just, and I had to add in some parts of my own too.


The main character, Savannah, seemed rather too optimistic, and she was also content with everything that happened. I find it unrealistic that she wouldn't disagree with anything.


The story in itself seemed like quite a popular plot. One that has been redone many times. I'm definitely not saying that this isn't original, or that it has been copied, but I did feel a strong sense of Deja Vu while reading.


To be frank, I had to stop reading after Chapter 4, because the book just didn't capture my interest, and I found myself forcing my way through. It pains me to give a bad review, but it had to be done.